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Scarlet Heels: 30 polite stories about you-know-what

I don’t think I told you about these stories, did I? That’s odd, because publishing them as a Kindle ebook was a big event for me last week.

I could let the Amazon cover speak for itself. Real women. Not young. Not supermodels. No liposuction, no body reconstruction. Not much similarity between the two. No swimming togs either. Real, highly individual women striding into the sea, just as they are.

That’s the spirit of the stories: 26 women (and one man) talking about their experience of sex, and how it has changed their perceptions or their lives.

You can buy Scarlet Heels from Amazon (Kindle edition)

800 copies of an earlier edition sold out in weeks, and these diverse stories about “real” sex met with much enthusiasm. It’s only now that I’ve figured out (I hope) how to present them to the public.