Month: January 2017

Joy of writing #1: aerogrammes from Daddy

Most nostalgic and illuminating Christmas gift of 2016: copies of our Dad’s letters in 1954 when he was in the USA as NZ’s first (?) Fulbright Scholar. He went to study the training of theological students (that being his own role in New Zealand) and had his mind blown, I think. His aerogrammes to the entire family were scanned […]

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The personality of numbers as revealed in sudoku

Something’s just become clear to me: the reason why I like sudoku is because it’s a sociable, strategic game. Sure, I play alone, in theory. But equally, the numbers are playing me. Each one has a distinct personality and they use their unique strengths to the hilt. Anyway I’ve just spent a happy pointless hour with my […]

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Why older people talk about their ailments

Aunt Beulah posed (indirectly) a fascinating question in her latest blog post: Why, as we grow older, do we feel the urge to discuss our health problems at length, when as children we never did? So many hypotheses rushed into my head that I was forced to share them immediately. Oh dear. So that means I’m a case in […]

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