The healing power of writing: poems about dying wisely

Morning glory flowers, one in bloom, one dead

On my blog Poems In The Wild, I will be posting poems about the dying and death of a dear brother-in-law, some years ago, starting tomorrow. When I wrote them, the process was cathartic and the writing helped me to process and learn from the experience. Writing the poems made me feel close again to my brother-in-law even after his death.

You may well find these poems of interest on various levels.

  • If you have lost someone and are looking for comfort or catharsis or clarity
  • If you are interested in the way writing can heal
  • If you too are mystified or frightened by death.

I can’t wash away your grief but perhaps I can stand alongside you for a moment or two.

You’ll find the poems on my blog, starting here with a short introduction:

Facing the unbearable: poems about dying wisely

pic & poem by rachel mcalpine cc-by-2.0

4 thoughts on “The healing power of writing: poems about dying wisely

  1. Dan Antion says:


  2. One little word — it means a lot, so thank you right back, Dan.

  3. joared says:

    Dying wisely to me is going to sleep one night and not waking up, but, unfortunately, that doesn’t always, or maybe even often, occur though it did for my husband. Coping with loss and grief can be challenging. Poets often eloquently express the feelings others have difficulty articulating.

    1. You probably know a lot more about dying wisely than I do. I think I’d like time to say goodbye to my family, given a choice. Which I won’t be!