One hop to happiness: learning kicks in when needed


Phoenix rising from the ashes (public domain)

7 thoughts on “One hop to happiness: learning kicks in when needed

  1. Val says:

    It probably has much to do with the sort of person you are (and the sort of inner angel you have, too). I also, recently, ‘leapt’ into happiness – though mine came after a long period of depression – but mine was triggered by having achieved a few small goals that I hadn’t been able to achieve before. Mostly the happiness has stayed (apart from straying off to the shadows a couple of times). It’s so good that your words and phrases helped. Long may it continue.

    1. That is an amazing story. I am as astonished at your story as at my own. It feels like a switch turns on, that quick. Thank you!

  2. cedar51 says:

    One of my friends is in my opinion struggling (but she doesn’t seem to see it like that) with escalating melanoma. I knew she had been in that situation but everything seemed to be minor (from her) but suddenly it seems they are not minor patches. I’m not coping well…but she is. Her favourite word string is “it is what it is” – much of it has to do with a time when she was a complete sun goddess (something we often did in the 70-90s and never thought of consequence).

    I went and had some spots of my own – looked into, 2 in particular often when “rogue” but it turns out I have something quite different and they are not in the C-line or cell structurally bad. I’m still sporting a dressing but they will heal (well doc says they will)

    My friend had to have large one removed from her lower arm, the doc is making her wear a splint to help with healing…her first comment to me was “now I understand why you didn’t want to do things, that I made you do, when you broke your wrist and had it immobilized” and she followed that up with “I’m so sorry I did that…” I accepted apology but I didn’t mention a splint can be removed v a plaster cast that stays 24 x 7…

    You see my friend is never ill…she has no health issues (until this) and although it’s great she is doing lots of regular things…I still think she is fragile. Maybe because I live daily with “issues” and somehow I know when to slow down v racing upwards…I’ve had a bit of practice 🙂

    thanks for reading, writing it down has helped me – a lot…

  3. Just the words I needed to hear right now. Especially, “So you wanted yes and you got a no. Let it up. You still have a beautiful life.” Thank you.

    1. That was lucky! I understand how the exact advice we need is right there for the taking, somewhere, and we hunt it out! Sometimes I hear the words I need emerging from my own mouth!

  4. Wendy says:

    I love this, I will try to leap into happiness instead of falling into downheartedness about those darn birds I can’t find. 😉

    1. Good luck Wendy. ‘Tis the season!

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