A favourite sort of day: writing, editing, designing a course, no pressure


My next book of poems

The end of December: summer satisfaction. After a perfect family Christmas in two acts, I’ve come back to a quiet city and a chance to peck away at my favourite sort of project.

This year I’ve got two projects lined up.

Project 1: Finalise writing school programme

That might not sound like fun to you, but to me it will be fascinating. Enrolments are closed: nine people enquired, and eight people booked. Perfect. I like to believe that’s because I was clear about the content and style of the workshops, and also judged the level of publicity accurately — just one announcement did the trick. Soon I’ll update my Gantt chart (whee!) and dig into the details.

I prefer to over-prepare, despite knowing that the plan always changes on the day. In this case, I hope to meet the needs of everyone in this small group of writers.

I nearly wrote, in this elite group of writers — because it is: in a small group, everyone is important, everyone’s ideas carry weight. Nevertheless, I shall over-prepare as usual.

Project 2: playing with poems

Right now, I’m having a go at sorting some poems ready for a new collection. They’re derived from my granddaughter’s chatter when she was a little girl, and she’s old enough now to give me permission to publish them with her real name. So it’s time to start editing and playing around with some poems that still make me laugh or smile. No rush with this labour of love.

12 thoughts on “A favourite sort of day: writing, editing, designing a course, no pressure

  1. toutparmoi says:

    It’s a favourite sort of day for me, too. It’s holiday time, so I’ve no pressing tasks. The house is a mess, but who’s isn’t at holiday time?

    It’s definitely time to plan things and play with things. Happy New Year!

    1. And happy new year to you my friend!

  2. cedar51 says:

    I’m playing as well, because art school is out until sometime in February…although I am kind of making parts for forthcoming 3D objects. Playing with new modes of photography as well

    My living room is a complete mess, that is because I’m making a workroom in the other spare space, but it was overfilled, so stuff is in here. I’ve now made a bit of a plan – but it may be sometime before living/dining combi is just that…

    at least if I’m in workroom (& I was today) it’s only what I’m currently working on…which is making “parts” for said objects and then bundling them together. Now waiting for some glued items to set, then I’ll be back in there…

    I would have loved to have come to your writing program, but it was beyond me for now…

  3. This sounds like a fun time, that’s for sure! I like your system of reserving the workroom exclusively for your current project. If it’s a system, long may it last. Hey, that would have been a lovely surprise, to have you in my writing programme. But how would you ever find the time, with a January like this?

  4. Your cat would be able to recite all of those poems, if it wished to.

    1. She’s rather critical actually, and thrusts her unsolicited editing services upon me.

  5. LooneyB says:

    Hello – Number 9 person here ! ( the one who enquired but sadly couldn’t make it ) I love your focus of mind and it often inspires me to get off my backside and do more. So thank you for that. Sorry I cant make the Writing Course but don’t rule me out. After all, what’s 24 hours in a plane to get some life experience and satisfaction, so I may be around for the one next Christmas. I aim to plan my holiday better.

  6. Hey there, J! I would be seriously honoured to think your Antipodean sojourn was re-arranged around my little workshop. Meantime, your summer sounds quite sufficiently packed without adding three days of writing. Thanks for even considering it!

  7. Your cat reminds me so much of mine!

    1. My editor. Grumpy sometimes?

  8. That would definitely be my kind of a favorite day, too! A leisurely day where I block the rest of the world out and pour my thoughts onto paper while my pups relax at my side. Love it..

    1. So ordinary. So very precious.

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