Finding the best places to eat when travelling

Junghee points to lunch of seafood and sprouts with Korean side dishes.
It’s best if Junghee finds the cafe and advises what to eat. Yummy seafood and sprouts, this time.

Yes, I do eat here in Seoul! Mostly yummy food like the seafood and sprouts in the photograph. But it’s much much better if Junghee or another kind person shows me where to go. This was such a tiny cafe I would never have dared to enter on my own, and without an English menu—that’s living dangerously.

Junghee Han is Deputy Manager of the Seoul Art Space—Yeonhui, where I’m a writer in residence at present. And she knows all the good places to eat in this area of Seoul, which has everything from rather posh to takeaways.

Apologies: two posts in one day! I got in a tangle with photos and sharing to Facebook and a few little computer issues.

4 thoughts on “Finding the best places to eat when travelling

  1. some of your posts aren’t loading like this – the email references it as 9253 but that doesn’t go anywhere except to an oops page – but when I hit your name – I find today it loads…sounds like you are having a wonderful experience, full of new adventures.


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