T’ai chi and top fashion for travellers

Pleated Issey Miyake bonnet posing on bedside lamp.

Essential for summertime travellers from temperate zone—an Issey Miyake sun bonnet

The temperature today
won’t go up past 27
so the forecast says.
This morning
I wore a cardigan just for fun.
But every day so far
demands a sunhat for the sun
so I don my ultra-adorable
Issey Miyake bonnet
it squashes into a pocket
and pops out like new.
Once I realised and accepted
that I would always look bizarre
(even more so) under its shade
it became my daily darling.
Sorry, sweetie pleaty.
You deserve better than this.
You’re the tops.
You deserve a sonnet.

Cobbled carpark and small pine tree marking the foundation of Seoul Art Space-Yeonhui in 2009

Yet another spot for doing t’ai chi at Seoul Art Space—Yeonhui

 Travel notes and photo cc by 2.0 Rachel McAlpine. In case you wondered, I did not pay full price for the work of art on my head. Please share: I like that.

7 thoughts on “T’ai chi and top fashion for travellers

  1. Love that bonnet.

  2. hilarymb says:

    Hi Rachel – those outdoor spaces obviously inspire … just enjoy and the bonnet sounds perfect. Cheers Hilary

  3. It’s a great bonnet! You need to export them. They would sell like hotcakes.

    1. Me? I only bought it. Issey Miyake is a glorious designer in Japan.

  4. Prue kennard says:

    Could we have a photo of rachel in her bonnet??

    1. Oo that’s a big ask!

    2. Ps Thank you for reading my blog!