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Quiet beauty in Korea — a poem

Aesthetic treats of the day.
Certain frames trap my eyes.
I feel an urge to stare and stay.
Best succumb. Just looking,
not shopping, not craving, not judging
sometimes flipping
into fleeting meditation.
These zen appreciation
moments happen often
in a foreign place.
Best if passive and silent
but sometimes a whoop
leaks out.

Ginseng liquor for sale at a store in the Korean DMZ.  Elegant.

Garden pines in the 2-acre grounds of Seoul Art Space Yeonhui. They grow in a shapely fashion

Pause at the yellow commas. Enjoy the colour, the form, and the debris.

Two days ago this was an awkward, flimsy abandoned house. Tomorrow it may be a new house.

A feast for the writers in residence at Seoul Art Space Yeonhui. Vividness, lavishness, and flavour.

Coffee house with a warm buzz. Gleaming expanses and raw concrete that ought to alienate but soothe instead.


Travel notes and photos by Rachel McAlpine at Seoul Art Space Yeonhui— feel free to share.