The way of the blog

Gym equipment

The way of the blog is not your choice:
it chooses you.
You choose to blog but not
the way you do it.
At first you clutch the steering wheel
as tight as skin, and that’s OK
for soon you find you’ve gone astray.
When you stop begging for advice
you’ll soften up and harden up
your feet will wander left or right
you’ll drop your rules and tools
and filaments like floaters
will block your vision.
You will mute your mission to inspire
and start to write instead.
Feet, fun, freedom
hands and hesitation—
let them do their thing.
The way of the blog
finds you.

19 thoughts on “The way of the blog

  1. Hi Rachel – couldn’t agree more … great description of the blogger’s start up … ‘for soon you’ll find you’ve gone astray’ – the best way to go … cheers Hilary

  2. And just as mysterious is your accumulation of followers. When I started out I was happy if just one person read my posts. Now I have a worldwide collection of blog friends.

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