Write Into Life

Meditation: the method is the medium

Just sit for ten minutes and the body will settle down and meditate. Terrible drawing, ay?

You blame your mind
for failing to be mindful.
You want, you try
you know you ought
to meditate

and when your mind
refuses to be still
you blame your will.
Your mind is jumping
while your body sits

hands free
limbs loose
torso noble like a hill
at peace
in every cell.

Your body meditates until
your unnecessary mind
It’s not an esoteric skill.
It’s a formula, a drill.

A quiet body cools
a noisy mind.
A contented body
a worried mind.

About the drawings. You may wonder, who does those freaky drawings? Me. I have only one rule: I must publish my first attempt. If I worried about drawing well, I could make 100 drawings and still like the first one best.