How to be old—we're all learning

Who do you think you are, old woman? A poem

Who do you think you are, old woman?

I am full of myself
I am too big for my boots
I have peaked too soon

I am a ballerina
semi-detached at the waist
I am a digger in moonlight

I am a sweet old lady
I am a scarlet woman
I am a crow of intensity

I am a daughter
I am a kettle of rainbow bits
that do not fit

I am a dunny of cobwebs
I am a subtle slump
that breaks your heart

I am nobody
I was somebody
I am a body

I am serene
I am struggling
I don’t want to open the door

These thoughts well up from within myself. And when I see an old person who is not known to me, I wonder if they also think such thoughts. Drawing and poem CC BY 2.0 Rachel McAlpine — if you like them, please share.