Write Into Life

You know you are old when…

When an old person does a cartwheel, the whole world applauds.

You know you are old

when the dinner is cooked by your grandson
and you sit back and smile

when a glass half full of wine is enough
to fill you with goodwill

when you break a silly little rule
and do not give a stuff

when a stranger listens with intent
to whatever you divulge

when you think “it’s now or never”
and take the plunge

when you get brownie points for doing cartwheels
or climbing trees

when you’ve forgotten how to hold a grudge
no matter how shocking the crime

when you know how it feels
to be calm and a little bit wise.

What other POSITIVE clues would you add to this poem? as in what GOOD signs that you are old in a GOOD way? (I’m over those black “jokes” that start “you know you are old i.e. over the hill when…”)
Drawing and poem CC BY 2.0 Rachel McAlpine — if you like them, please share.