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Write love haiku—really? Workshop on Valentines Day, Palmerston North, New Zealand

An unlikely but gorgeous little writing workshop in the City Library, Palmerston North, New Zealand, on 14 February 2019

Haiku love poems? Excuse me?

If you are a haiku scholar you will realise just what an odd concept this is. But yes, it is possible to write a beautiful love poem in three lines, true to the spirit of haiku. I’ll be teaching a 2-hour workshop on Valentine’s Day in the Palmerston North Public Library, New Zealand. What a great venue! This is part of their Love Your Library Week. (I do love my library so I couldn’t say no.)

No, we won’t count syllables — you can already do that. Instead we’ll adapt four ancient haiku principles: brevity (and the short-long-short form), a snapshot, a switch (haiku’s secret trick), and naturalness.

You will write a bunch of love-haiku for your beloved or for a friend, cat, grandchild or favourite celebrity—your call! Of course you’ll have fun and learn heaps in this non-threatening workshop.

I’m Rachel McAlpine, a poet for the last 70-odd years, improved by a mid-life sojourn in Kyoto.

Who should come to the love-haiku workshop?

Bookings essential

Write haiku love poems: a workshop
Palmerston North City Library
Central — Events Central, Thursday 14 February 5.30–7.30PM
Bookings essential:

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On Friday I’m speaking about why writers and older people love their personal blogs. Fascinating material here—I’m looking forward to this event. In fact I’m busting to talk about the phenomenon of personal blogs, which I’ve been researching for quite some time.

Who should come to my talk on Joy of Blogging

Three things benefit from severe pruning: haiku, love poems, and blogs

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