Home spa in isolation

cartoon of woman lying under strong light sipping bleach, with fairies and a boiling cauldron.

Home spa in isolation

Oh the joy of a home spa in lockdown! It’s a dream come true: unlimited time and solitude plus a few magic spells for coronavirus. (I was being sarcastic. Could you tell?)

Keep safe and be kind in this time of transition and confusion. Blessings on those who are working under pressure to find a genuine, safe vaccination and treatments for COVID-19.


13 thoughts on “Home spa in isolation

  1. gifted50 says:

    Love the drawings ‘Janola’ ?

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Janola is a common brand of bleach in New Zealand.

      1. gifted50 says:

        Oh, thank you for the clarification, I was thinking bottled water perhaps.

      2. Rachel McAlpine says:

        Oh, nothing so plebeian in our home spa. Only the best scientifically proven products.

      3. gifted50 says:

        Ok, good living is a great thing, lol. Blessings, I do appreciate your writings.

  2. joliesattic says:

    Good idea!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Glad to see that the fairies are maintaining social distance.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      They’re New Zealand fairies. What more need I say?

      1. Elizabeth says:

        Very polite and law abiding.

  4. I pray things get better before they get worse! Cute drawing.:-)

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Thank you

  5. I just love your spirit! 🙂

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Thank you, I’m happy to hear that.

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