Contribute $9 or $90 to celebrate our elders

Funding is essential for any independent theatre production. We’ve almost reached our funding goal for The Secret Lives of Extremely Old People — but we need another NZ$9,000. Now we would appreciate a little help from you. Your contribution of $9 or $90 would help us to deliver this fascinating play to up to 2,000 people at Circa Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand in November–December 2023.

Months before opening night, everything depends on having enough seeding finance in the bank. Box office returns come too late to pay for the essentials, for example:

  • contracts for actors, designers and operators: they need some security!
  • material things such as set, costumes, projector, lights
  • publicity, including posters, flyers and programmes.

Be a hero to the over-90s

Why would you give a little to this particular play, The Secret Lives of Extremely Old People?

  • Because you’ll help to raise respect and concern for our kaumatua, our elders, the very old people in our communities
  • Because you’ll gain optimism about your own future — one day — as a healthy, positive old person.

How to contribute $9 or $90

90 is a very good number! The Secret Lives of Extremely Old People is all about life over 90, all the characters in the play are over 90, and our theatre co-op is called The 90 Plus Group: theatre against ageism.

For example you could contribute NZ$9.00, $19, $90 or $99. (If 100 people contribute NZ$90 each, we reach our goal.)

From a New Zealand bank account, transfer your contribution to:

  • Account name: Circa Theatre — 90 Plus Group
  • Account number: 06-0606-0909817-00

If you don’t live in New Zealand but are still interested in helping, please contact me by email and I will arrange for you to pay through PayPal. (PayPal has changed their protocols so that it’s not quite so simple nowadays.)

Text: The Secret Lives of Extremely Old People. Drawing: 6 old people all actively engaged. Text: Circa Theatre Wellington 24 Nov-27 Dec 2023. Donations to: Circa Theatre - 90 Plus group. NZ band account no: 06-0606=0909817-00. Or see
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