Bibliography: books by Rachel McAlpine, New Zealand author

A cat named Ursula guarding ten books of poems and about poetry by Rachel McAlpine

A cat named Ursula guarding ten books of poems and about poetry by Rachel McAlpine

Publications by Rachel McAlpine

List of books by New Zealand author Rachel McAlpine: poetry, fiction, plays, non-fiction about writing and web content, research about writing, and short texts for Japanese college students and teachers. Brief bio after the list of books.


2016 Fixing Mrs Philpott (Wellington, Booklovers)
2010 Scarlet Heels (Wellington, CC)
2005 Humming (Christchurch: Hazard)
1990 Farewell Speech (Auckland: Penguin); 1996 Translated into Japanese by Masako Meio (Tokyo: Shinsui-Sha)
1987 Running Away from Home (Auckland: Penguin)
1986 The Limits of Green (Auckland: Penguin)


2020 How To be Old (Wellington, The Cuba Press)
2015 Shaky Places, a song cycle of New Zealand poems for mixed voices (Ed.) with composer Felicia Edgecombe (Wellington: Capital Choir)
2014 Senior Poems, Phone Poems, Mind Poems, Lover Poems (Kindle)
2005 A for Blog (Wellington: CC)
2001 Another 100 New Zealand Poems for Children (Ed.) (Auckland: Random House)
1993 Tourist in Kyoto (Wellington: Nutshell Books)
1988 Selected Poems (Wellington: Mallinson Rendel)
1986 Thirteen Waves (Palmerston North: Homeprint)
1983 Recording Angel (Wellington: Mallinson Rendel
1980 House Poems (Wellington: Nutshell)
1978 Fancy Dress (Auckland: Cicada)
1977 Stay at the Dinner Party (Dunedin: Caveman)
1975 Lament for Ariadne (Dunedin: Caveman)


2013 Business Writing Plus (Wellington: CC)
2009 Write me a web page, Elsie! (Wellington, New Zealand: CC) Revised 2011
2000 Nine Winning Habits of Successful Authors (Wellington: CC)
1999 Crash Course in Corporate Communications (Wellington: CC, Revised 2006)
1999 Web Word Wizardry (Wellington: CC; 2002 2nd edition. Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed)
1998 The Passionate Pen: Romance Writers of New Zealand speak to Rachel McAlpine (Christchurch: Hazard)
1997 Global English for Global Business (Auckland: Addison Wesley Longman; reprinted CC 2005)
1992 Real Writing (Wellington: GP Publications)
1980 Song in the Satchel: Poetry in the High School (Wellington: NZCER)

Children’s fiction

1994 Maria and the Lady Next Door (Wellington: Learning Media, tr. 4 Pacific languages)
1993 Maria in the Middle (London: HarperCollins) (also broadcast by NZ on Air)

Stage Plays

2000 The Dazzling Night: a Noh play in English (Produced Le Mata Theatre, Auckland; published Kyoto Journal & NZ Journal of Asian Studies)
1990 Power Play (Wellington: Playmarket; various productions)
1988 Peace Offering (Auckland: Heinemanns; various productions)
1986 Paper Towers. Produced by Court Theatre, Christchurch.
1985 Driftwood (Wellington: VUP; many productions)
1980 The Stationary Sixth Form Poetry Trip (Wellington: Playmarket; many productions)

Short texts for Japanese students and teachers

1996 The Great New Zealand Study Trip (Auckland: New House)
1995 Ready for English (Wellington: Learning Media)
1995 Katherine Mansfield in New Zealand (Tokyo: Asahi Press)
1994 The Secret Life of New Zealand (Tokyo: Tairyusha)
1994 Masako in New Zealand (Tokyo: Tairyusha)

Brief resume

Rachel McAlpine was born a poet in Fairlie, has lived in Christchurch, Geneva, Masterton, and Kyoto, and is now embedded in Wellington. She has been sufficiently honoured by the literary world. After various books of poetry, prose, and plays, she wrote the world’s first book on digital writing, and eventually became a Chartered IT Professional. Her latest novel is Fixing Mrs Philpott, which reflects a developing fascination with the anomalies of old age. She has never stopped writing poems.

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