Freesias—word of the day

Strange word, “freesias”, don’t you agree? If you didn’t know what it meant, it could mean anything. (Well that’s true of any word, come to think of it.)

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Tiny tip: welcome novelty

Tiny tip for well-being in your old age: welcome novelty with open arms.

My mother Celia would have adored this notice: “Alien abduction zone WARNING.” She would have camped out beside the sign, semaphoring a message to all aliens in the area: “Pick me! Pick me!”

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Balancing description and action in a memoir—writing tips

How should you balance action and description in a family memoir? Let’s assume that you’re writing a personal story of your life, constructed one fragment at a time. The intended audience is your family, not the general public. (You may fantasise about a best seller, but it won’t be this book.)

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