Why I blog my poems—there’s a reason?

“Why I blog my poems.” Whoa, that sounds as if poetry-blogging is a way of life instead of yet another redundant project thrust into my overloaded schedule a mere four weeks ago. It sounds as if I know what I’m doing. All bluff. Poems in the Wild. Redundant. Pointless. Impulsive. Nauseating. Embarrassing. Time wasting. Pretentious. Amateurish. Unworthy of you. So […]

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Age is skin deep

Plants grow new leaves every spring but humans are stuck with the same old skin. It used to be thick, and now it’s thin. What scratched me? A blade of grass? Oh my, aren’t I just the sensitive one? Note to self: wear gloves. * Rachel McAlpine

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77 Things I Learned From Writing 1,000 Blog Essays

Oh, the wonderful James Wallace Harris has done it again. This time he has written his thousandth essay that looks too long to read, but is in fact something I (as usual) am compelled to read to the very end, nodding or squawking all the way through. One point that crops up repeatedly rings a […]

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How to look young in our 70s

Every baby looks like a baby. When you look at a baby, you can guess its age to within a few months. No 15-year-old looks like a 5-year-old, either. Gradually the differences between individuals of the same age stretch out. The difference between two 7-month-old babies is miniscule, and the difference between two septuagenarians is vast. Many, many of us give a […]

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Old lady gets a kitten: pros and cons

All right all right, so I’ve done it again. Got a new cat, in spite of all the arguments against it. Is that wise? Is it ethical? Is it even safe? Watch me torture myself in public over this decision. Introductions first. Her name is Ursula, which slid into place merely because it means “little bear” […]

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