Where do you get your ideas from?

I wish I had a mansion in Remuera for every time someone asked me this question: “Where do you get your ideas from?” Usually the answer is — “I don’t know! My head is teeming with ideas. Isn’t yours?” I think a head teeming with ideas is normal. The difference is that a writer has […]

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Humming: a novel for people under 50, over 50 or exactly 50

Get Humming for your Kindle This is certainly a book for the bonus years, because it’s about two people turning 50, one rather flamboyantly, one more tentatively. Ivan the narcissistic artist prefers disasters to happiness, and the more the merrier. He believes that happiness after 50 is impossible by definition, and that he is the only […]

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Home alone on Christmas Day

For the first time in years, possibly ever, I’m having Christmas Day alone. Stop — don’t feel sorry for me! No sympathy is required. Until 6.30pm on Christmas Day, it’ll just be me at home alone, apart from a phone call or two. (Short interruption right now while I receive a text and a photo of […]

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Morning thoughts

Every single morning I wake up full of thoughts. Do you?Embarrassing confession: I find them remarkably interesting.

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