Fixing my old-lady voice: hear it on How To Be Old podcast

Today I’ve uploaded Fixing My Old-Lady Voice.  Season 2 is all about the 2015 boot camp that changed my readiness for old age in numerous ways, all good.  This is Episode 10, and there’s no episode more perfect for delivery by ear. It’s about the aging human voice. This episode is about repairing an aging […]

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Fixing my old-lady voice

At 75, I wanted to fix my weak and creaky old-lady voice. Let me tell you how that worked out. I’m Rachel McAlpine, I’m learning how to be old, and I’m talking to you, with my very own voice.

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12 writing exercises for aging well

12 writing exercises for aging positively are attached my new DIY course,  Almost Old: Help yourself to a grand old age. The purpose is to help you explore your ideas and feelings about  life as you grow old. Through writing, you may gain a new perspective or even change the story of your life. You’ll […]

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Grumpy cat review: iPad gets a fail

Looking more Furbee than social media influencer, Ursula despises the iPad Pro she is sitting on. Her iPad Pro review is a grudging one star. Well blow that. Now I’m the grumpy one: sponsorship from Apple has a certain appeal.

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