Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2015: we know how to lower the risk, so why don’t we?

In which five tips for minimizing the risk of Alzheimer’s are shared and ignored by the people most in need, although it’s never too late to benefit. For years now, research into Alzheimer’s disease has had a clear theme: Change your lifestyle to protect your brain. In July 2015, the Alzheimer’s Association held its international conference in Washington […]

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Reining in my web presence

When your things (any things) are in a shambles, the shambles will get worse before it gets better. At present the things in question are my websites and social media channels. You may notice this website become a bit of a shambles while I rationalise some of those messed-up things. Flaws will become more obvious as I start […]

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A systemless system for productive blogging

  Do you have a system for blogging? A schedule? A spreadsheet with topics and times? A goal? Wish I did. For a while I hoped that the Raewyn Gwilliam system would work for me. Every time she has an idea, she writes it as a sentence, which she saves as a draft title. Because it’s clear, accurate and […]

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