Mindful moments: stand, drink water

(First published in 2015) In which a poem and song about the Christchurch earthquakes help me to take a mindful moment when I drink a glass of water. One of my boot camp tasks is to increase the number of genuinely mindful moments—when I’m fully aware of what I am doing and feeling and thinking […]

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Travel blogs and travel talk

Travel blogs: hugely popular for good reason Travel blogging is a brilliant way to keep a travel diary, manage your trip photos, and keep family and friends up to date with your adventures. Also, you only have to write about each memory once — one post and it’s done — but you can edit at […]

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The toxic tentacles of OSANP (one strange and nasty person)

My problems are never original. They are always in some sense generic, typical, almost universal. So when I write about them, it’s not because I expect you to be surprised or impressed. No, I expect you’ll recognise them. Joy of the day — dancing! Today is exciting and joyful because it’s the first of our […]

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Game plan for the coming decades

In which a very short poem posits a change of attitude that could triple the sunshine in our later years. relish the pleasurable tweak the controllable accept the unfathomable and face the inevitable Rachel McAlpine Image from “Prodigiorvm ac ostentorvm chronicon […]” (1557)  Lykosthenes, Konrad; Kandel, David, and Manuel, Hans Rudolf

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How dancing has improved the function of an aging brain

  (Written in 2015, first published 17 August, 2017 and updated 29 June, 2019.) In which I perform a scientific analysis of the health benefits of dancing for an aging brain: three cognitive skills have improved, age-related changes prove a challenge, and the over-all effect is joy joy joy.   I belong to the Crows […]

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