A palpable hit: How To Be Old

Buy How To Be Old from The Cuba Press. Be quick because it’s selling fast: sold out twice in the first three months. Don’t be put off by the title and the (sort of) topic: people find the poems funny and wise.

“Whenever my husband annoys me, I read him one of your poems.” T.G., Mt Victoria

“We were at brunch and we all started reading your poems aloud to each other.” A stranger at the market

“I’ve been reading your poems to all my occupational therapy groups.” L.M., Wellington

“The first thing that hits me about Rachel McAlpine’s work here – in her new book, a victory lap of poetry! – is the joyousness she feels about being alive; everything, all of it.” That’s how a Review by Simon Sweetman begins: read more 🙂

Novels on Kindle

My Kindle author page has my three favourite novels. Humming and Fixing Mrs Philpott are light and very funny. The historical novel Farewell Speech was a best-seller in its time. I make them as cheap as I can for you.

Kindle features other old and very old books from various publishers, mostly out of print.

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