Category: Exercise

When it comes to exercise, less is less

Obviously, a good exercise programme was always going to be high on my boot camp list of challenges. To prepare for a happy retirement without built-in exercise would just be ridiculous, a denial of all scientific evidence on the subject of aging.  A funny thing happens every time a new research project confirms the power […]

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Accessibility expert lives in an inaccessible home

In which I admit that my commitment to accessibility is not without limits. There’s a limit to how far I’m prepared to plan ahead. Making my home safe, shareable and secure is as far as I’m willing to go at this stage. One day I may need a walker or a wheelchair. That’s on the […]

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When youth challenges age in the playground, competition is fierce

Thank goodness for Ruby (not her real name), my almost-teenage granddaughter.  When she visits on Mondays after school, she often takes me to the local playground and sets challenges. This spurs me on, and  I might even secretly practise on Saturday mornings when I take 3-year-old grandson Finn (not his real name) to the very same […]

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