Category: Happiness

Walking back home: joy of serendipitous pavement art

It’s not a long walk home from aerobic dance class, just five small blocks, and I’ve walked that route hundreds of times. But it’s still full of beautiful surprises. Walk home with me now and I’ll show you what I saw tonight. Small bunch of grapes, elegantly squashed. 2. A question mark on the footpath. […]

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Exotic fabric finally finds its function: a TV cosy

Friends know that I’m a fabricaholic. A few years back they gave me this luscious blue, gold and purple fabric from Bangladesh. It’s stiff when ironed, and crumples shortly afterwards. It’s semi-transparent and yet firm. Elegant, yet camp. Symmetrical, yet erratic. Now, what to do with this cloth? For us fabricaholics, that’s never an issue. […]

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A parsimonious new year: an easy resolution

When grandchildren are almost grown up, buying fewer gifts could be an easy transition, we hope. Looking at the wrapping for the gifts we shared this year, we’re already on the way. Only a few years ago, I seem to remember the wrappings filled a large rubbish sack. It’s a sad fact that at 18 […]

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