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Blogger doggerel on latest WordPress update

Dear WordPress this is just to say you are not so very dear to me today. So every now and then we get the latest WordPress update. Sometimes the updates go OK. Sometimes they irritate. I feel mildly put upon by your sulky sound asleep Add Media icon and your sneaky Set Featured Image feature […]

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Survey: How can my blogging in a pandemic help you?

  In lockdown we use the internet for company, help, information, inspiration, fun and learning. I’d love you to complete a short survey about what you require now from my blog, poems, podcast, courses, videos, drawings and photos. What are you looking for? What do you appreciate most? Here we are in New Zealand, coping […]

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Sing your own song: defining success for bloggers and podcasters

Geekiness alert… of interest to bloggers This afternoon I’ve been at The Official WordPress Growth Summit, mainly because I will soon be running a short course for beginner bloggers. One presentation was worth its weight in gold. In Blogging and podcasting: defining success two veterans of the Web, L. Jeffrey Zeldman and Jason Snell, answered […]

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