Classic DIY recording booth


I am proud of this Heath Robinson contraption in my study. My unique and glorious video recording booth is the result of about ten months’ trial and error and ingenious problem solving. What problems, you ask? Multiple engineering problems associated with recording short video lectures for my new online courses, for example:

  1. reduce echo to get a clear and friendly small room audio quality
  2. put lights in ideal position
  3. ditto for microphone
  4. ditto for MacBook Pro & its iSight camera
  5. enable impromptu instant recording any time without hanging drapes and duvets or moving stuff around
  6. record against a simple unobtrusive background
  7. and all this while keeping my study the serene space that it used to be.

They’re all one problem really and I hope they’re now all sorted. Except No. 6, which I’m working on.

How to make your own video recording booth for $64

So, you could make one too! Here’s what you need. Total cost $64 for the entire booth. (I’m not counting the hardware, namely microphone, computer and lights.)

  1. a basic stand-up desk borrowed from your friend who may take it back at any time
  2. 6 clamps (those orange sticky-out handles) ($54)
  3. 2 yoga mats,and scissors to cut them with (experience in home dressmaking an advantage) ($10)
  4. 11 bulldog clips (scrounge through office spaces and under couches)
  5. 2 pieces of old padded sofa cover (you know where they are)
  6. cheap plastic trolley with four trays (still usable for office stationery, ipad, Kindle etc))
  7. one cushion subdivided, two pillow cases (sacrificed in the cause)
  8. 8 large books (because trolley and standup desk are still too low).

In case you didn’t notice, I can’t stand sitting down for such tasks.

I’m just too clever for this world

So there you are! This is a classic blog post of the self-satisfied variety. I am just so proud (or maybe that’s relieved) I had to skite.

Now, about those courses…

My first video course: Write Over Divorce

Write Over Divorce: banish the pain with a pen

For months and months I have been working on my very first video course for Write Into Life. Topic: Write Over Divorce — how to get over the lingering pain of a broken relationship in three weeks simply by working through a series of writing exercises.

Now the course is ready! It’s public! It’s available! This is an advertisement for something I’m offering free to 20 followers of this blog. You are the first to know, because the course is close to my heart and yet I feel pretty darned nervous about showing it to anyone at all, let alone the world. I’m hoping you might view it with some understanding of my aims.

I’m also favouring you, my blog friends, because I’m a beginner. That is, I’m a very experienced online instructor, having taught writing online in a different way to over 5,000 people in the last ten years. However, I’m not at all sure how the scenario evolves from now — what I’ll have to do as an instructor at Udemy, the online learning site that I have joined, or how these coupons work.

Why write over divorce?

For my first course in this new-to-me format, I deliberately chose a topic that I imagine nobody would ever want to do, a unique (crazy) topic which would allow me to quietly learn all the things I have to learn about creating a video course.

So far, so good. The course is not technically perfect: I know that. But I have learned heaps about lighting, recording, sound quality, and video editing. And I’m proud of my unique content, which walks you quietly through three stages of healing and growth, from heartache of divorce to a more optimistic and realistic frame of mind — happiness.

Check out the curriculum and sample 3 free lectures. If you feel this brand new online course is what you need, be among the first to do it. I’m offering it free to 20 people who read this blog post in December 2016.

Free coupon: click this link to Write Over Divorce

Because you have clicked this particular link, the price will show as $0, in other words, FREE. (People finding the course from any other source would see the regular price of $40.) When 20 people have enrolled, the price reverts to $40 (still a bargain).

And please, if anything puzzles you, let me know!

Yours in some trepidation