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Messages in code drawn by aliens with pohutukawa stamens

Mystic photographs taken on the slopes of Mt Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand a few days ago. What wonders we walk past and walk over every day. There’s a logical explanation for these mysterious shapes. Rain running downhill sweeps fallen pohutukawa stamens into clumps that cling to bumps and curves on the surface of the footpath. […]

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Geodesic—word of the day

Word of the day and this week’s writing prompt is “geodesic”, familiar to mathematicians and to survivors of the 1970s. If it’s new to you, give us your best guess as to its meaning! Or use it as a blogging prompt.

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Freesias—word of the day

Strange word, “freesias”, don’t you agree? If you didn’t know what it meant, it could mean anything. (Well that’s true of any word, come to think of it.)

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