Favourite books by Rachel McAlpine

Ursula the cat sits on a pile of 30 books by Rachel McAlpine

Why people like my book of poems How To Be Old

You can still buy How To Be Old from The Cuba Press. It’s been reprinted three times and there are still copies available. Don’t be put off by the title and the (sort of) topic: people find the poems funny and wise. Here’s the kind of thing they say about How To Be Old.

“Whenever my husband annoys me, I read him one of your poems.” T.G., Mt Victoria

“We were at brunch and we all started reading your poems aloud to each other.” A stranger at the market

“I’ve been reading your poems to all my occupational therapy groups.” L.M., Wellington

“The first thing that hits me about Rachel McAlpine’s work here – in her new book, a victory lap of poetry! – is the joyousness she feels about being alive; everything, all of it.” That’s how a Review by Simon Sweetman begins: read more 🙂

My favourite novels on Kindle

My Kindle author page has my three favourite novels as ebooks. Humming and Fixing Mrs Philpott are light and very funny. The historical novel Farewell Speech was a best-seller in its time. I make them as cheap as I can for you.

Kindle features other old and very old books from various publishers, mostly out of print.

Rachel McAlpine’s complete bibliography

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