The Passionate Pen: Early Romance Writers Share Their Secrets


Tips and stories from romance novelists of last century

In 1997, fifteen of New Zealand’s romance writers shared their secrets with Rachel McAlpine. The writers include Essie Summers, then the undisputed Queen of Romance, whose sales with Mills and Boon already exceeded 17 million. A new edition of these irresistible (and now historic) interviews will interest romance readers, romance skeptics, and scholars of popular culture alike. Kindle only.

The writers spoke freely and frankly. Are they wealthy? Do they wear pink chiffon? Have they been up the Amazon? Did they go to university? Why do they write romance? Did success come easily? Have they had their own romance? How do they feel about feminism? How do they handle sneers and insults? They answered all these questions and more.  If you’re fairly confident that you could pen a romance yourself in a week or two, expect to be surprised.


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