Commit to hobbies for a happy old age

Commit to hobbies for a happy old age
How To Be Old

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Child riding a toy wooden hobby horse

A hobby horse. Photo: Barney Moss CC BY 2.0

I decided to commit to hobbies as part of my preparation for old age. Hobbies provide a bridge to retirement, friendships, a role, and perpetual learning. I loved my singing and dancing groups but would I pass my hobbies-audit? This was the 8th task in my Boot Camp for the Bonus Years.

A hobby is “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.” But when you’ve retired and all your time is “leisure”, what counts as a hobby? In this podcast episode I explore the many different ways that older people commit to hobbies, and audit my own level of engagement.

2 thoughts on “Commit to hobbies for a happy old age

  1. I rather fancy a go on that hobby horse!

    1. They are back in favour with Finnish girls. Does that help?

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