Fixing my old-lady voice

How To Be Old
How To Be Old
Fixing my old-lady voice
Sepia illustration. woman breathing through a tube attached to medical equipment, 1912

1912 therapy for stuttering has some similarity to today’s therapy for muscular tension dysphonia

At 75, I was intent on fixing my old-lady voice. It was a weak and creaky, cranky, leaky voice, but a speech therapist trained me to fix that. She gave me a gym programme for the voice, with exercises for every day and for emergencies. Our voices are closely entwined with our identity and our communication with the world. So when the voice fades, confidence and self-esteem take a hit. Everyone’s voice is unique, as personal as fingerprints. How about recording a conversation with an older relative or friend, before it’s too late?

I’m Rachel McAlpine, I’m learning how to be old, and I’m talking to you with my very own voice.

Fixing my old-lady voice: Boot Camp For the Bonus Years, 2015

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Laryngoscopy tracks the cause of weaky, peaky, creaky old-person voice


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