Meditation in the coronavirus crisis

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Meditation in the coronavirus crisis
Photo of woman cross-legged on a carpet in meditation pose

Rachel practising meditation in the coronavirus crisis: a selfie

Meditation in the coronavirus crisis calms our minds, reduces anxiety, and changes our perspective. Social distancing gives us an opportunity to start new habits. After 40 years of sporadic meditation, I now practice daily. Listen for tips, encouragement, a poem, and a message: It’s easy and you cannot fail.

Meditation and mindfulness are great habits to cultivate, and the key word is habit. In this podcast episode I share my patchy history of meditation and mindfulness, and encourage you with some tips and facts. I began in the heyday of transcendental meditation, and stopped and started over the years, learning different techniques along the way. For the last 5 years I have meditated daily and I want to shout this message: Meditation is easy! You cannot fail! And the rewards come quickly.

In the COVID-19 global pandemic we’re socially isolated and worried and anxious. Now is the very time to start (or restart) the habits of meditation and mindful moments. We need the benefits right now. And the need for social distancing or isolation gives us the time and opportunity to get started—right now.

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