Poetry reading: 3 poems from How To Be Old

Poetry reading: 3 poems from How To Be Old
How To Be Old

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This is your Friday night poetry reading. It’s short and sweet, just three poems from my new book, How To Be Old. Because of the pandemic, the launch and festivals and readings have been cancelled of course, and it’s just dawning on me that people have got FOGO, fear of going out. But I want to do poetry readings! So I’m going to do them in my podcast. Look, I’m just at home in my study but I’ve put on my posh dress just for you, so please sit back, pour yourself a glass, feet up, and let me read to you.

Tonight’s poems are All About You, Getting Old Is Not Like Getting Pregnant, and Voices.

You can also attend the reading as a video on my YouTube channel.

3 thoughts on “Poetry reading: 3 poems from How To Be Old

  1. Anonymous says:

    Delightful Rachel. You read them beautifully and I can’t wait for the next lot.

    1. Thank you, special Someone!

  2. Love it. The subject, the poems, your back story and your perky, sweet voice. -Dawn

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