My year of being old

My year of being old
How To Be Old

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At 75, I discovered to my horror that I probably still had many years of life ahead of me. That forced me to confront my future. Well, if I had to be old, I wanted my old age to be as happy and useful as possible. After all, you’re only old once!

I stumbled on a practical solution. I spent a year examining different aspects of my life, and I gave each one a little twist or a tweak. It was less of a boot camp, more of a fluffy slipper camp: many small changes, nothing huge, but they added up to something bigger. Doing something, however small, feels so much better than leaving your fate to Fate.

I still don’t know how to be old but I did learn a lot and my feelings changed from terror to a quiet optimism. I hope my year of being old will inspire you to prepare for the third act of life.

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