Young poet, old poet

How To Be Old
How To Be Old
Young poet, old poet

A young poet reads a poem to an old poet. An old poet learns about eating green apples with chili, and a new snack is invented. You can read the original poem on my blog.

A young poet and an old poet examine chili flakes, green apple and cheese slices
Young poet and old poet check a jar of chili flakes
Old and young woman contemplating cheese slices
Yes! Let’s add cheese and make chili sandwiches!
Old poet warns young poet who is eating chili and green apples
Careful! That chili is hot! warns the old poet.
Young poet and old poet both enjoying tiny sandwiches made of green apples, chili and cheese
Eating our tiny green apple, chili and cheese sandwiches!
Recording studio: laundry box, Rode mic and computer
The podcast recording “studio” described by Maytal, including a mic called Roberta

3 thoughts on “Young poet, old poet

  1. I loved this! What a remarkable and lovely poem – and beautifully read, both times. Interestingly, I heard new aspects of it when it was read by both of you. A pleasure to meet you on Friday, Maytal! E x

  2. Rachel McAlpine says:

    Elizabeth, thank you! I will share your comment with Maytal. We did have fun.

  3. Prue says:

    Just perfect! Everything!

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