5. Older bloggers: choice of devices and channels

What devices do older bloggers use for reading and writing blogs? Laptop and desk computers are favourites for both consumption and production, but smaller devices also have their devotees. Q. 10. Where do you usually read blogs?  Choose one answer, even if you sometimes use a different device.  on a mobile phone: 12% on an iPad or […]

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Thanks to my testers for a survey of older bloggers

UPDATE: Thanks to my five older bloggers who have volunteered to test a survey about their experience. The process has begun and you will surely tell me about anything that is confusing or wrong. Then I can fix any problems that are spotted by more than one person, and release the survey into the wild!

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Accessibility expert lives in an inaccessible home

In which I admit that my commitment to accessibility is not without limits. There’s a limit to how far I’m prepared to plan ahead. Making my home safe, shareable and secure is as far as I’m willing to go at this stage. One day I may need a walker or a wheelchair. That’s on the […]

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