Air Be and Be—a poem

I’m an AirBnB host in Mount Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand. A series of always delightful people stay with me for 2–5 days if and when it suits us both.

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Little home, lucky home, big home

“Have you ever paused to contemplate the idea of home?” asks Robyn Haynes in her blog, Big Dreams for a Tiny Garden. On a trip to Outback Queensland, she felt a deep connection with the land, and her sense of home expanded from house, garden and family to something much broader—Australia. (I’ve distorted her thought flow by summarising it — […]

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Home maintenance in old age

In which I am torn between an old age of grubby indolence (tempting) with the officious whip-cracking of a body corporate.  Have you noticed a tendency of older people to stop dusting and cleaning and fixing up their homes? My sisters and I suspect that late in life our mother did zero housework. A nice helper went […]

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