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7. How do older bloggers cope with the technical and physical problems of blogging? Very well, thank you!

The older bloggers in our survey answered two questions about technological and management challenges of blogging, and physical problems that might hinder the ability to blog. Besides answering multichoice questions many participants commented thoughtfully on these two questions. Every comment helps to create a comprehensive picture, and is of value in itself. Technical issues and finding […]

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The day I woke up

My mother said that seventy years is plenty of years and after that you’re a nuisance a mistake you’re a burden to the state. So when I hit seventy I noticed the date but mothers are allowed to be wrong about stuff some of the time, that’s fair enough and the seventies turned out to […]

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Update on the shareable home

Last year I took steps to make my apartment shareable. One year later, this plan is working well. The apartment is in good enough shape to host AirBnB guests, which is bringing many rewards. Hosting AirBnB guests: valuable in so many ways I had three reasons for starting as an AirBnB host, letting my spare bedroom […]

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