Once we were special — a poem

Once we were special because we were six
six little girls all dressed the same
all funny and noisy and naughty and cute.
Now we are special because we are
six old women all blessed the same

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Long Song Of The Unyoung

What’s it all about? This is the story of you, as you are now or as you will be one day: unyoung. It looks like the story of me as I tackle the shock of me being old right now and watch the spooky movie of me getting even older sliding every day towards the […]

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Update on our survey of older bloggers: how and why they blog

The Older Bloggers’ Survey is now closed. I’ll leave this page here just for the record, and update you elsewhere when the results are clear. (Working on it!) People say the Older Bloggers Survey was fun, and we hope it will lead to new policies and opportunities related to the ageing population. We have made […]

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