Writers at work

Writers’ shoes: can you tell? No you can’t. Most of us have toes just like most of you. Here at home we’re hard at work doodling dozing thinking prosing writing rhyming fussing with computer woes just like you. Travel note and photo from Rachel McAlpine cc by2.0 while at Seoul Art Space—Yeonhui. I’m posting snippets […]

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Appointment with surprise

  I have just sat down at my September desk I have not adjusted to this frameful of trees stretching against the sun and bouncing light off fat stray cats. I have kept my first appointment with surprise with pine needles bobbing deep down inside the glass of my shiny Seoul desk. What shall I […]

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Next adventure: writer in residence in Seoul

I am excited and honoured to have been chosen as one of the writers in residence at Yeonhui Art Space in Seoul for the month of September. Everything about this residency gives me such a buzz. The programme is part of the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, a well organised government body The buildings […]

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