Laryngoscopy tracks the cause of weaky, peaky, creaky old-person voice

On with the mission to cure old-lady voice! I contacted Natasha Curham, a speech therapist with wide experience in helping older people. Before accepting me as a client, Natasha advised me to visit an otolaryngologist (ear nose and throat specialist) to check the physical state of my throat. Nodules? Cancer? Gastric reflux? Scarring? Let’s see whether those working parts […]

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How scary is old age?

  In which I contemplate the relative scariness of a first pregnancy and old age.   Preparing for old age is the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. Scarier than gliding. Scarier than windsurfing in a gale. Scarier than reading poems to an audience of 2000. Scarier than reading poems to the […]

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Old lady gets a kitten: pros and cons

All right all right, so I’ve done it again. Got a new cat, in spite of all the arguments against it. Is that wise? Is it ethical? Is it even safe? Watch me torture myself in public over this decision. Introductions first. Her name is Ursula, which slid into place merely because it means “little bear” […]

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