Ursula reviews “The Absolute Book” by Elizabeth Knox

Celebrity influencer Ursula is picky when it comes to literature. The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox gets her whole-hearted approval. In her consumer testing Ursula considers the following factors: solar absorbtion, height, bounciness when open, and ability to immobilise her human. I agree with her, although I use different criteria, apart from her last one.

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Humming: a novel for people under 50, over 50 or exactly 50

Get Humming for your Kindle This is certainly a book for the bonus years, because it’s about two people turning 50, one rather flamboyantly, one more tentatively. Ivan the narcissistic artist prefers disasters to happiness, and the more the merrier. He believes that happiness after 50 is impossible by definition, and that he is the only […]

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Mountain Rescue: when good days go wrong in the mountains

With long experience as journalist, mountaineer, and alpine rescuer, Phillip Melchior is perfectly equipped to take us behind the news reports of life and death in the Southern Alps. He steps us through eleven dramatic and highly personal tales of alpine search and rescue, one decision at a time. “Make sure you fall in love […]

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