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Today is my favourite day

“What day is it?” asked Winnie the Pooh. “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day,” said Pooh.  ~  A.A. Milne Do read Jill Weatherholt on “The Gift of Today” — the present. A short reflection on new year’s resolutions and the counterproductive urge to look ahead, push harder, achieve more, and live in the future. Winnie […]

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Random impromptu decluttering works too

Sometimes I surprise myself with a sudden rush of activity that is maybe necessary but low priority. Today, hours after Mr Trump became President Elect of the USA, I made huge inroads into my cluttered, dusty, illogical bookshelves. I ignored items #1–5 on the to-do list and did #99 instead. 26 books for Arty Bees, Wellington’s phenomenal […]

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Decoding a table of contents

I’m looking at the table of contents (TOC) of Fixing Mrs Philpott, my new novel, and thinking that it tells a story. First clue: that a table of contents is even provided. A quick glance at other novels on my shelves suggests that the norm is probably to have no table of contents, but merely to number the […]

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How to teach your cat to write

The Earl of Southampton’s cat is one of my favourite blogs. It was, you understand, written by a cat in the 16th century. A cat, moreover, suspected of having written at least some of the works of Shakespeare. These strange circumstances are plausibly explained by the editor of his works, who has deciphered Gib’s writings […]

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