Thou house—a poem

Our family was a movable community squatting in house after house never suitable and never ours. Each new vicarage was a thrill but icy or haunted or just too small they never were homes for our mother, not at all. Imagine moving, moving, moving seven times in fourteen years gathering daughters along the way. And then […]

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More about Mrs Philpott

Mrs Zoe Philpott is the central character of my new novel, Fixing Mrs Philpott. Here, to give you a better idea of why she thinks she might need fixing, are a few more samples of the book. Moving on a couple of months, Christchurch, where Zoe and her husband live, is struck by an immense, devastating earthquake. Endless […]

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Fixing Mrs Philpott: but how?

My new novel is ready for printing, after many a drama and deadline. Yippee! The launch is on 29 September and if you are in Christchurch, New Zealand, you are warmly invited to attend! Rachel Eadie at Scorpio Books is the person to contact with questions. Meantime here is the first of, well, an indeterminate […]

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