The big family get-together

Aaaahhh, it’s Christmas and in New Zealand that means a summer holiday, time to relax, preferably by a beach or pool. For some the holiday involves a big family gathering. We are a huge family and we love our occasional maxi-reunions, but not at Christmas. Then we drift off in different directions for smaller gatherings, which are seldom fraught. […]

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Poems hiding in the woods and under the bed

Hey, I write poems, you know. (Maybe you write poems too.) Somewhere a poet is cleaning a bathroom. Somewhere a cleaner is writing a poem. If you like this blog for any reason at all, you may well enjoy the poems on my other blog, Poems in the wild.  I adore having this outlet for poems […]

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Home alone on Christmas Day

For the first time in years, possibly ever, I’m having Christmas Day alone. Stop — don’t feel sorry for me! No sympathy is required. Until 6.30pm on Christmas Day, it’ll just be me at home alone, apart from a phone call or two. (Short interruption right now while I receive a text and a photo of […]

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