Prompt—word of the day

I love the sound of this word and the look of it too. So plump and spitty. I think of theatre … punctuality … and why not use my word-of-the-day as a weekly blogging prompt, now that The Daily Post no longer provides a daily prompt?

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For any life strategy, ask a child

Listen to the little children in your life! They may not have all the “facts”, as we adults understand them. Regardless, they manage to decode our strange world and generate workable rules of behaviour. When we really hear what they say, they astonish with their wisdom and practical advice. The everyday struggle with everyday problems […]

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265 million tips on blogging

When I become a Highly Successful Blogger with 1,000 followers — oh why be so modest, 10,000 followers — please, please don’t ask me how I did it. Here’s the hazard: I would be flattered. And I might actually agree to deliver my gems of wisdom, my 10 or 10,000 tips on how to blog […]

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