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In praise of the humble hobby

  (This article is adapted from the original record of my Boot Camp for the Bonus Years.) In which I consider certain peripheral amusements and reject a paradoxical call to regard them all as significant vocations.   The fifth item on the agenda of my Boot Camp for the Bonus years was “Commit to hobbies.” […]

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How dancing has improved the function of an aging brain

  (Written in 2015.) In which I perform a scientific analysis of the effect of dancing on an aging brain: three out of four cognitive skills have shown a marked improvement.   I belong to the Crows Feet Dance Collective. We rehearse once a week for 90 minutes and every year we perform a brand […]

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Dancing with aphantasia

Right, in half an hour I’m off to the Crows Feet Dance Collective dress rehearsal for our new show, Hakari. And because I finally grasp the fact that I have Aphantasia, I will be dancing with some new insights into how I learn the necessary choreography compared with how others learn. At last I understand why I’m […]

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