My year of being old

(Republished from 2016) ┬áIn which I look ahead to the final task in my year of being old: coming to terms with death and dying. Yeeouch.   So, I’m putting myself through a DIY boot camp for the bonus years, achieving one goal every month. I’m booting myself into action, establishing habits that are likely […]

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Just when do you want to die?

Exactly when would you prefer to die? Soon, before you are too old? Most of us don’t have a choice. I wrote this poem for Sally Bond, who died at 95 in a rest home on Christmas Day, 2014. But perhaps it will fit someone else you know, including you and me, one day. I […]

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How scary is old age?

  In which I contemplate the relative scariness of a first pregnancy and old age.   Preparing for old age is the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. Scarier than gliding. Scarier than windsurfing in a gale. Scarier than reading poems to an audience of 2000. Scarier than reading poems to the […]

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