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12 writing exercises for aging well

12 writing exercises for aging positively are attached my new DIY course,  Almost Old: Help yourself to a grand old age. The purpose is to help you explore your ideas and feelings about  life as you grow old. Through writing, you may gain a new perspective or even change the story of your life. You’ll […]

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A summer writing school with the Write Into Life approach

I’m super-excited to declare that in January 2018 I’ll be offering 3 one-day writing workshops in the Write Into Life mode. That means the writing exercises will all be integrated into real life: either solving real problems or just offering techniques that not only extend your writing skills but also support your well-being. In brief—because […]

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Day 2 of the new earthquake era

Well, it’s about 60 hours since the big earthquake and my short exercise in expressive writing has already done its magic. In my last blog post I vented my secret thoughts and feelings, no matter how embarrassing. Last night I slept brilliantly for nearly six hours and dozed nicely for two more, aided by a […]

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A poem for the miserably married

The first course I’m preparing for Udemy (short, online, largely video) is Write Over Divorce. It’s been great fun so far, planning the curriculum and making slideshows and videos. One video is about how I have used writing to reduce the trauma of divorce — and it includes an alarming piece of doggerel, written when my marriage was beyond repair. […]

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Yay for a new passion and challenge: Write into life

Well, that didn’t take long. Two weeks after ending my 10-year involvement with Contented.com I had a pretty clear idea of my next project. To announce it here is ridiculously premature, but too bad: I have begun to create video courses for Udemy.com under the umbrella name of Write Into Life. This idea has been lurking […]

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